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Ballet is the foundation and basis of modern, jazz and contemporary dance of today (contemporary meaning what is current NOW!) Can you dance without ballet? Yes, will you be a better dancer with ballet technique training? ABSOLUTELY!

Ballet is a developmental technique based progression; technique is developed through repetition & consistency. Training in ballet requires a certain discipline, patience & understanding that in time things will happen.

The Dance Gallery Open Ballet classes allow dancers to work at their level, no comparisons just an internal focus to develop ones understanding one’s body & the way it works. Ballet is a language spoken by dancers, it gives you the vocabulary to be able to dance & create movement.

Our Classical Classes are based on RAD curriculum. Offering beginner levels through to advanced, this beautiful syllabus builds a disciplined technical base and nurtures artistic expression. A must for any serious dancer – ballet is the basis for a strong dance technique in all forms of dance.

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