What’s on offer?


Ballet is the foundation and basis of modern, jazz and contemporary dance of today (contemporary meaning what is current NOW!) Can you dance without ballet? Yes, will you be a better dancer with ballet technique training? ABSOLUTELY!

Ballet is a developmental technique based progression; technique is developed through repetition & consistency. Training in ballet requires a certain discipline, patience & understanding that in time things will happen.

The Dance Gallery Open Ballet classes allow dancers to work at their level, no comparisons just an internal focus to develop ones understanding one’s body & the way it works. Ballet is a language spoken by dancers, it gives you the vocabulary to be able to dance & create movement.

Our Classical Classes are based on RAD curriculum. Offering beginner levels through to advanced, this beautiful syllabus builds a disciplined technical base and nurtures artistic expression. A must for any serious dancer – ballet is the basis for a strong dance technique in all forms of dance.


Tap is where it’s at!

Tap has long been a favourite for audiences and performers alike! Tap dancing is a fabulous, fun and energetic style class for everyone. Your feet become percussion instruments. Tap is all about timing and rhythm and those magical shoes!

Our school was founded on tap dance. Through the years our former students have go one to have lead rolls in Tap Dogs, Steel City and other international productions.

Our studio runs open classes with a street / tap dog flare as well as running traditional LGTDA exam classes which form the basis of all technical classes.

Contemporary (Modern Ballet)

Dance Gallery offers beautiful contemporary/modern ballet classes. Contemporary is an artistic form of expressive dance, focusing on the abstract form of ballet. Participating in a modern ballet class plays an important roll in any dancer’s learning curve. Contemporary dance often utilizes ground work and the dancer often performs in bare feet. Modern Ballet is marvellous to perform and gives the ballerinas a sense of freedom and a connection to music. We recommend these classes as an invaluable addition to any dance schedule.


Dance Gallery classes are fast paced, fresh and funky!

Jazz emerged from the theatrical styles of dance performed on Broadway and in West End musicals.

Funk became it’s own dance style in the late 1990’s and looks fabulous when combined with  jazz choreography.

At The Dance Gallery we offer a combination of Jazz/Funk. This is the style you see in music videos today. We teach the best of both worlds by establishing basic jazz technique and incorporate funk choreography as well as elements of hip-hop and free-style.

Dance Gallery Jazz/Funk is one of the most popular programs we offer. Dancers start with a thorough body warm up and stretch before moving on to corner work where we learn a set of progressions to enhance your technical ability. Dance Gallery Jazz is taught to all the latest top 40 music, is challenging but amazing fun!

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a class focused on street dancing, break dancing and Fun! This is not your traditional jazz class.

We combine elements of acrobatics, break dance, funk and strength to make this the ideal class for dancers that want to learn more than basic jazz/funk and are after a challenge to incorporate acrobatic elements into their dance.


Acrobatic gymnastics ( nicknamed “Acro”) is partner sport combining the strength, flexibility and technical precision of gymnastics with the grace and musicality of dance as well as the trust and camaraderie of a dedicated partnership.

The Dance Gallery teaches acro to compliment our other styles of dance offered in our studio.

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