Frequently Asked Questions about The Dance Gallery in Hamilton

What do students wear to class?

The Dance Gallery has its own uniform ranging from singlet tops, and leotards to dance pants and shorts. All uniform items are available from the studio and delivered straight to your child’s class. Uniforms are reasonably priced.

How long are your concerts?

Our concerts run for approximately 1-2 hours

What are your prices?

Our classes are $15.50/ hour lesson. Fees are paid by the term. Payment plans are available upon request.

When can I enrol?

Students are accepted throughout the year. We have no enrolment time limitations.

What is the address of The Dance Gallery?

Scot Kirk Church  21 Murray St, Hamilton

Trinity Centre  Cnr Portland Place & Regent Street New Lambton

How many classes do I have to participate in?

There is no minimum amount of classes for enrolment. The Dance Gallery offers a varied timetable selection for all students with no discrimination between the dancers that dance with us one a week or each day! Come for one lesson a week, or come for 10 lessons a week. The choice is yours!

What if my child decides to stop dancing part way through a term?

No problem! We will simply refund you the remaining unused fees minus a $20 admin fee.

What makes The Dance Gallery different from other dance schools?

We believe that every child deserves to have a “special place to go” where they can be free of peer pressure and other pressures of just being a teenager. We encourage inclusion,  in a supportive group environment, where we don’t “play favourites”. Your child  deserves the same opportunities and attention as each dancer in our studio, regardless of how many classes they participate in. We want your child to build their confidence and self esteem through their  dance classes with us. And generally help them to feel good about themselves!

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