Dance Gallery classes are fast paced, fresh and funky!861020_489937034396545_272150524_o

Jazz emerged from the theatrical styles of dance performed on Broadway and in West End musicals.

Funk became it’s own dance style in the late 1990’s and looks fabulous when combined with jazz choreography.

At The Dance Gallery we offer a combination of Jazz/Funk. This is the style you see in music videos today. We teach the best of both worlds by establishing basic jazz technique and incorporate funk choreography as well as elements of hip-hop and free-style.

Dance Gallery Jazz/Funk is one of the most popular programs we offer. Dancers start with a thorough body warm up and stretch before moving on to corner work where we learn a set of progressions to enhance your technical ability. Dance Gallery Jazz is taught to all the latest top 40 music, is challenging but amazing fun!

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